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Garbi Protocol

What is Garbi Protocol?
Garbi Protocol is A decentralized exchange for stablecoins that uses an automated market maker (AMM) to manage liquidity on Arbitrum. It is running here:
At the time we started to learn about the blockchain, we got a concept about Garbi Protocol, which used to build all core of blockchain network. It is a machine that will reward anyone who helps it run to process a job (math), a very cool idea, so we picked this name to build our Garbi Protocol version with the Logo as a ROBOT
Garbi Protocol now has 5 sub-products: GarbiSwap (Stablecoin AMM), GarbiFarms, Garbi Equity Certificate (GEC), Garbi Stable Bridge, and Garbi Game
Garbi Swap (our main product for now), Liquidity Providers will not earn only from trading fees. The protocol is also supplied to AAVE v3 protocol or other DeFi pools to create more interest. Garbi Swap Contract will move the liquidity around to do both works (trading and farming)

Why Arbitrum?

When we found the Arbitrum network, it is a nice blockchain layer 2 networks that supported Solidity (cheaper, faster compared with ETH)
Arbitrum is a Layer 2 solution with a mission to help ease the burden on Ethereum by reducing the number of transactions on the Ethereum network and reducing transaction fees.
The platform is designed to allow developers to easily bring dApps from Ethereum to Arbitrum. While still benefiting from Ethereum's security. Besides, Arbitrum owns a transaction speed of 40,000 transactions/second.