How To Play (Open Beta)

  1. Click "PLAY"

  1. NFT

  • Users can buy NFT with veGRB or GRB (veGRB soon)

  • Once you have NFT, you will have an avatar and character image in the game. Without NFT, you are only a Ghost and you can still travel all the Pixil's world but you can't access any features

  1. Quiz2Earn:

  • Get quests at E-Steinn (NPC)

  • Try to answer all three questions correctly to receive the maximum reward.

  1. Get reward and upgrade your Robot at Tiffany Stark (NPC)

  1. Robot will accompany and assist you a lot in Pixil's world.

    • At first, players can passively receive Credits by letting the robot learn on its own.

    • The higher the level, the more credits you can receive.

=> Additional features will be unlocked in new maps.

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