Transaction Fee Mining

A unique feature of Garbi Swap, first and only on #Arbitrum

BONUS Pool for transaction fees mining (12,500 GRB)

  • Traders receive a 50% transaction fee refund for each swap

  • End event when all GRB is paid out

  • Released concurrently with Garbiswap

The event will begin when Garbiswap is released

As an incentive, GarbiSwap will return the transaction fee when traders make a swap on the platform.

For example: When you make a swap on GarbiSwap and pay a trading fee of 0.2%, up to 50% of the trading fee will be immediately returned to your “Refunding” balance in $GRB tokens

Let’s say you decided to exchange 1 ETH for USDC, and the fee return for that pair is 50%. During this exchange, a transaction fee of 0.2% will be charged. Once the transaction is complete, the system will immediately return the fee you paid in the form of GRB tokens

The number of $GRB tokens sent to your “Refunding” balance will be equivalent to the amount of the transaction fee paid in ETH (on the condition that the percentage of fee return for that pair is 50%).

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