$GRB token use cases:

  1. Governance: Garbi is a governance token that represents a holder's share in the DAO. You can vote on proposals governing the platform, and voting power are proportional to token share. Governance would encompass where emissions are directed, adding new pools/products, and managing the community fund and treasury.

  2. Yield Farming Holders of $GRB can choose to provide liquidity in our native GRB -USDC & GRB-ETH farms or simply deposit their tokens in the GRB single farm. By doing so you are entitled to receiving $veGRB rewards with Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) providing a solid passive income stream.

  3. Trading NFTs on Garbi Marketplace

  4. Governance token in Garbi game ecosystem

$veGRB token use cases:

  1. Platform Revenue share: $veGRB holders can stake/farm their tokens for a proportional share of protocol fees.

  2. "10% profit in the form of ETH or veGRB will be distributed to the $veGRB pool when Zero Loss Lottery launches + 25% Transaction Fee + Game ecosystem revenue in the form of $veGRB "(Subject to future modification)

  3. Governance function: $veGRB and $GRB are similar

  4. Lock $veGRB: Redeem 1:1 GRB, 1month vesting

  5. Boost APR

  6. Governance token in Garbi game ecosystem

Dual rewards: 60% of the reward is received as $veGRB and the remaining 40% is received as instant $GRB. Continue farming and staking $veGRB earnings for revenue sharing

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