Napoleon's Conquest

Participating users can own FLAG NFTs.

Description: Phase 1 starts with approximately 44 European nations. Users will have to be the last to own each nation to receive the FLAG NFT.

Gameplay rules: Each nation will start with a value of $1. After the first owner, users who want to claim ownership will have to pay 120% of the value. Of which:

  • 105% will belong to the previous owner

  • The remaining: 15% will be divided among the pools: LP, GRB holders, NFT Flag holders, Buyback & Burn, Development Fund, Treasury.

Every time there is a change in ownership, the clock will count down from 24 hours. At the end of the time, the last person will be the winner.

Requires a Flag NFT in the "Napoleon's Conquest" mode to upgrade Pixil NFT to levels 4-5 (Unlock higher level rewards and benefits as NFTs are upgraded)

The revenue and funds raised from NFT sales will be shared among participants, further enhancing the value of participating in Garbi Academy

What will the winner get?

  • Ownership of the NFT Flag

  • Share profits from transactions in other nations

  • Participation in Garbi Academy Phase 2

  • Receive 60% Pool Reward

What will the loser lose?

  • Lose nothing, you will still receive a 5% profit on the purchase price

What is Pool Reward?

In each country, when the first owner is confirmed, the corresponding pool will be activated by staking 10,000 $GRB from the Treasury. The longer the battle lasts, the greater the reward will be, and the winner will get 60% of the pool, and the remaining 40% will be transferred to the next play pool. The game will end when enough Flag NFTs owners are found for Garbi Academy phase 2.

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