$GRB will be our government token backed by a yield-generating reserve

Name: Garbi Protocol Ticker: GRB Chain: Arbitrum Max supply: 1,250,000 GRB Contract: TBA

Total Supply1.250.000

Liquidity mining

600.000 - Farming and Garbigame unlock at launch

Community Fund

250.000 - 100% TGE


150.000 - Will immediately pair with 60% of USDC from Public sale in UNI v2-style liquidity


125.000 - Pre-minted in a multisig




125.000 - 6-months cliff and 1 years vesting

The unlock is discretionary and contingent upon a number of factors that the team has identified. Any incentive unlocks will be announced

Public sale

Garbi has been designed to be a community-driven protocol with "NO PRESALE or VC investment" The public sale provides a significantly transparent and fair opportunity for the community, investors, and partners

The public sale will begin on Jan 3rd 2023 and last until Jan 5th, 2023

Any unsold tokens will be burned Initially, fully diluted valuation (FDV) of $107.500

Public price $0.086

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