Garbi Stable Bridge

Enhancing Liquidity and Ecosystem Application

What is Garbi Stable Bridge?

Garbi Stable Bridge is an extensible cross-chain communication protocol that supports bridging between EVM and Substrate-based chains, providing an innovative solution to bridge stablecoins from multiple chains. Its primary objectives are to boost liquidity within the ecosystem, enhance the utility of the $GEC token, and support the seamless transition of Pixil Saga to Arbitrum Nova.

A bridge contract (or pallet in Substrate) on each chain forms either side of a bridge. Handler contracts allow for customizable behavior upon receiving transactions to and from the bridge. For example, locking up an asset on one side and minting a new one on the other. It's highly customizable.

Arbitrum Nova

One notable integration of Garbi Stable Bridge is its support for Arbitrum Nova. This integration allows for the seamless bridging of ETH, GRB, and veGRB tokens from Arbitrum One to Arbitrum Nova. Facilitate the migration process of Pixil Saga to Arbitrum Nova, offering users a faster, more cost-effective, and streamlined experience. The integration with Arbitrum Nova expands the reach and accessibility of the Garbi ecosystem, empowering users to make the most of their assets.

Fee Structure and Token Usage

Garbi Stable Bridge implements a fee structure using the $GRB token. Users require to have $GRB tokens in their wallets to utilize the bridge's services. The fee structure is designed to be highly competitive, ensuring affordability while maintaining robust security measures and providing a seamless user experience.


Garbi Stable Bridge leverages the expertise and solutions provided by ChainSafe, a leading blockchain research and development firm established in 2017. ChainSafe specializes in protocol engineering, cross-chain interoperability, and web3 gaming.

Garbi Stable Bridge ensures the highest standards of security, safety, and performance. This collaboration underscores the commitment of Garbi Stable Bridge to deliver a secure and reliable bridge solution to its users.

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